What Are The Best Coatings for Your Eyeglasses?

Lens coatings are popular because they can enhance the performance and appearance of your eyeglasses.

Here are 4 of the most popular lens coatings on the market:

Anti-Reflective (AR or anti-glare): Because normal lenses reflect light, they can create glare and reflections, reducing visual acuity. Anti-reflective coatings are microscopically thin and permit up to 99.5% of light to pass through a lens, making it easier for you to read a book, view computer screens and drive at night. They also make it easier for people to see your eyes.

AR coatings are especially beneficial for polycarbonate, aspheric and high index lenses, which tend to reflect more light than regular glasses. AR coating on the inside of sunglasses can prevent bounce-back reflections when facing away from the sun.

Scratch resistant: Lenses can also be treated with a clear scratch-resistant coating, providing a more durable surface. Currently most glasses feature scratch resistant coating. But you should find out whether the eyeglasses you buy have hard coating, or whether it needs to be added.

Since no eyeglasses are 100% scratch proof, you should protect the coating on your glasses by storing them in a padded case and cleaning them with a microfiber cloth along with a recommended cleaning solution.

Anti-fog: If you live in a cold climate, anti-fog coating will keep your lenses from fogging up when coming in from the cold. Anti-fog lenses can be used with polycarbonate, high-index and photochromatic lenses.

UV protective: UV coating helps protect your eyes from harmful UV rays known to cause cataracts and retinal damage. Although regular plastic lenses block most UV light, adding a UV-blocking dye will protect against 100% of UV light. Polycarbonate lenses and high-index plastic already have 100% UV protection.

Keep in mind that when cleaning your lenses you should only use products recommended by your eye doctor or optician. Some lens cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can damage some coatings. For more information about lens coatings, please call our Los Angeles eye doctors at 877-871-1684.