• How to Maintain a Successful Eye Drop Treatment Plan

    Glaucoma is a disease that affects millions of people around the world. Glaucoma occurs when the fluid level inside your eyeball rises causing an increased pressure, this can lead to vision loss. According to the World Health Organization, glaucoma the second…

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  • Tips on Reducing Eyestrain

    Technology is amazing. It helps us optimize our time, be more efficient, and connect with each other faster than ever before.  It improves our lives. And, while technology has changed the world for the better in countless ways, too much exposure may have an…

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  • How the New iPhone 5s can Reduce Eyestrain

    Smart phones have an increased role in our lives. They are pretty much our personal computers. Our traveling companions that we’d be lost without. At East West Eye, we are committed to personal eye care. We pay close attention to the newest technologies with…

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