• March is National Save Your Vision Month

    As the years go by the eye care industry evolves, and more awareness is raised on how we approach eye care. This is why it is important to be aware of ways we can prevent eye damage. For these reasons March is National Save Your Vision Month. UV exposure, digital…

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  • Ways to Protect your Eyes While Playing Sports

    Playing sports is a favorite pastime, career, and exercise for many people. Whatever your reasons are for playing sports, the risk of injuring your eyes remains. According to ‘All About Vision’, more than 40,000 eye injuries a year occur while playing sports,…

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  • Athletes and Lasik Eye Surgery

    Eye care is important for everyone. They enhance our ability to be productive at everything we do. For an athlete, they are extremely important, but wearing contact lenses or glasses can be inconvenient. Sweat and dirt can cause irritation, glasses can get broken;…

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