• Athletes and Lasik Eye Surgery

    Eye care is important for everyone. They enhance our ability to be productive at everything we do. For an athlete, they are extremely important, but wearing contact lenses or glasses can be inconvenient. Sweat and dirt can cause irritation, glasses can get broken;…

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  • How the New iPhone 5s can Reduce Eyestrain

    Smart phones have an increased role in our lives. They are pretty much our personal computers. Our traveling companions that we’d be lost without. At East West Eye, we are committed to personal eye care. We pay close attention to the newest technologies with…

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  • Nutritional Tips: Reduce the Risk of Eye Disease

    Our diets play an important role in our bodies health and eye care. When our bodies have the proper nutrition, we function better, and our senses run on all cylinders. Not only does eating right make us feel better, it prevents disease by keeping our immune…

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