• Allergy Friendly Gardens

    Allergies can have a big impact on eye care and how we perform our day-to-day operations.  With a runny nose, watery eyes, constantly sneezing, it’s almost like being sick. Sometimes the cause for our allergies is something as simple as the plants and grass…

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  • How to Protect Your Eyes While Swimming

    Swimming is a fun pastime. Whether you swim for the fitness and health benefits, or  love the relaxing feel of being in the water, swimming pools and natural bodies of water each present a potential eye care risk. Swimming pools use the chemicals to disinfect…

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  • Summertime Eye Care

    The summer is the warmest time of the year. For many, it means vacation time, family trips to the pool, the beach, summer concerts and relaxing good times. It also means more sun exposure. A lot of people use precaution by putting on sunscreen, but many forget…

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