Did you know that The American Optometric Association recommends that patients get their first eye exam as early as 6 months of age for detection of any visual impairment? As an adult, it is recommended that patients get an annual eye exam. As you get older, or if there is family history, you may be at a higher risk for diabetes, hypertension or ocular disease. Getting an annual eye exam can help in early detection or prevention of these diseases.

The East West Eye Institute understands there are many other doctors you can go to for your annual eye exam. In choosing us, you are choosing a team of Doctors and Staff who strives to serves you. When you visit any of our offices, you will find that we will do our best to correct your vision. We even have Optometrists who are expertly trained to fit specialty contact lenses on wearers with a range of eye conditions, from Hyperopia (farsightedness) to Astigmatism to Keratoconus.

With vision insurance those frames you’ve been looking at may be more affordable than you think. The East West Eye Institute accepts popular vision insurances such as VSP, Eyemed and MES. Let our experienced staff find out your eye exam, glasses and contact lens benefits today.

After your visit with one of our doctors, stop by  The Optical Shop and allow one of our fashion-forward Opticians to work closely with you in choosing eyewear, ensuring your experience is as customized as your prescription. Our trained Opticians also provide extensive and hands-on training for new contact lens wearers. Our shops carry a large variety of frames to fit every budget!



Going on vacation and need those cute sunglasses in your prescription by the weekend? The East West Eye Institute has a full-service, on-site lab that can make lenses for most frames in just one day; some lenses can even be cut in just one hour (must have an appointment-please call for details).

Here are a few of the many services our Opticians can offer you:

– Our lab technician has over 14 years of experience edging lenses and customizing your glasses to fit you. He uses a Santinelli edger with advanced technology

– We offer custom nose pads for frames so you get a custom fit

– We can adjust and repair frames- if you are unsure it is repairable, come in and let an experienced Optician inform you of your options!

– Custom clips can be made within 7 – 10 business days for those who don’t want prescription sunglasses

– Specialized state of the art digital progressives offered



Visit our dedicated Contact Lens page here.

In addition to standard contact lenses, we offer:

Multifocal Contact Lenses
Multifocal contact lenses are a great way to avoid relying on a pair of reading glasses to see your books, cell phone, tablets or computer screen.  Recent advances in multifocal contact lens designs allow patients to perform distance tasks such as driving, as well as near tasks such as reading text messages.

Corneal Reshaping
Corneal reshaping is a special contact lens which is worn overnight to reshape the eye and removed during the day, resulting in clear vision without vision correction throughout the day.  This is a great option for children or active adults allowing patients, reducing the need to wear contact lenses or glasses during the day.

Keratoconus is a condition when the eye is irregular in shape, which may not be completely corrected by glasses or soft contact lenses.  A custom fit soft or gas permeable contact lens may be necessary to achieve optimal vision.

Specialty Contact Lenses
Eyes that are difficult to fit due to eye injury, disease or surgeries may not be completely corrected by glasses or soft contact lenses.  The doctors at East West Eye Institute are trained to fit the most advanced contact lens designs available in order to optimize vision, comfort and eye health.