With so many kinds of eyewear frames on the market today, finding the right look is only the beginning. There are also considerations like durability, lightness and hypoallergenic materials.

Metal frames are extremely popular because they provide unique benefits, although not all metal frames are alike.

1) Titanium is strong, durable, corrosion-resistant metal, ideal for thin frames. It’s 40% lighter than other metals, which can eliminate headaches that come from wearing heavier frames. It can feel like you’re not even wearing glasses at all. Titanium is also hypoallergenic, eliminating negative reactions on the sides of your head and the bridge of your nose. The malleability of titanium means that frames, if bent, will revert to their original shape. This is why frames made of metals like titanium are popular among athletes who tend to drop their eyewear. Although titanium is a silver-gray metal, frames come in a variety of colors.

2) Beta titanium is an alloy of titanium that includes aluminum. This makes them cheaper than 100% titanium frames and also more flexible.

3) Memory metal (Flexon) is a titanium alloy composed of 50% titanium and 50% nickel. They’re extremely flexible and, if bent, will return to their original shape. Durability make them a great option for children. They’re cheaper than 100% titanium frames, but also less hypoallergenic. Reactions caused by such frames are most likely the result of nickel.

4) Beryllium is a lower-cost alternative to titanium that’s also corrosion-resistant, making it a great choice for people who spend a lot of time in an around salt water. It’s also light-weight, flexible and strong. However, it’s not as hypoallergenic as titanium.

5) Stainless steel is an iron-carbon alloy containing chromium. Like titanium, they’re lightweight, flexible, strong and corrosion-resistant. Stainless steel is also hypoallergenic.

6) Monel is an inexpensive alloy of nickel and copper that’s also extremely malleable and also corrosion-resistant.

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