How the New iPhone 5s can Reduce Eyestrain

Smart phones have an increased role in our lives. They are pretty much our personal computers. Our traveling companions that we’d be lost without. At East West Eye, we are committed to personal eye care. We pay close attention to the newest technologies with computer screens because we understand the effects they can have on our eyes.

Last week, Apple released the iPhone 5s. We were happy to discover that the iPhone 5 series would be equipped with Retina display. As eye care specialists at East West Eye, we recognize high-resolution screens help reduce eyestrain. Pixelated images can cause eyestrain, which may result in more eye care. According to MacRumors, one analyst suggests that the iPhone 6 could feature a 4.8-inch Retina screen. We are happy to know that as technology grows companies will be able to provide you with better screens.