I hadn’t seen an eye doctor in over ten years, and found East West through my insurance.  I had a really positive experience here.  Dr. Baker and his support staff were great. From beginning to end I received professional and informative service.  I will definitely be back!

-Kira M. (6/21/2017 ~ 5 star review via Yelp)



I’m one of THOSE people that go to the doctor once a decade, so figured it was time to get a checkup.  I only stumbled across this place only because I saw a gal wearing an East West shirt in our building.  I casually mentioned I hadn’t been to the eye doc in years, and finally made an appointment with some other place, but they couldn’t fit me in till July.  I told her it wasn’t a big deal, but instantly, Ny (her name), called her office, checked out my insurance and got me an appointment the next day(on their busiest day which was Saturday)!  She had someone send me forms ahead of time, so paperwork was all complete when I walked in.  We should all be so lucky to have service like that!  From the moment I walked in, the receptionist/check-in gal was very courteous & sweet, her name was Katie, gave me a speedy check-in.

Maybe because I hadn’t been to the eye doctor enough, but Dr. Kurota performed the most thorough complete exam I’ve had, I spent more than 2 hours there.  The eye tests….dialated pupils….flipping the eye lids, completely thorough.  The last doc I had did none of those things.  Got a new prescription which was sorely needed.  I probably could’ve got a cheaper prescription somewhere else, but saving the headache of finding out who takes what insurance, traffic, parking, etc. was well worth it.  Although they don’t validate parking, overall a great experience, makes me want to have a checkup every year instead of once a decade. Lol.

-Saquib R. (6/18/2017 ~ 5 star review via Yelp)



Love this place. The team was running about 20 minutes behind schedule and when I made them aware I had booked other appointmets they responded with action, smiles and speed! Highly recommend. The downtown L.A. location is easy to reach. Parking is $9 (bummer) but they don’t manage/control that.

-Peter M. (6/13/2017 ~ 5 star review via Smilereminder.com)



I really appreciated how calm, clean, friendly and professional this office is. I also like that they were showing a nature show in the waiting room. It made me a little less nervous about my exam!

-Michelle A. (5/23/2017 ~ 5 star review via Smilereminder.com)



My experience was stellar. The staff was friendly, professional and incredibly punctual. Left w an updated contact prescription and seeing better than ever!

-Jared S. (5/19/2017 ~ 5 star review via Smilereminder.com)



My favorite optician is Ms. Deanna at East West Eye Institute who is very knowledgeable about lens and frame fitting.  Whenever she helps me pick out a frame, I get a lot of compliments and my progressive lens are always without a problem whereas if I get it made somewhere else, I end up not wearing them.  Deanna is always very helpful, friendly and professional.  I highly recommend visiting her for your next purchase of glasses.  I hope she will continue to help me for many more years to come.  Thank you, Deanna.

-Y. S. (5/10/2017 ~ 5 star review via Yelp.com)