The summer is the warmest time of the year. For many, it means vacation time, family trips to the pool, the beach, summer concerts and relaxing good times. It also means more sun exposure. A lot of people use precaution by putting on sunscreen, but many forget about eye care. So when you pull out your sunscreen and swimming trunks, don’t forget your sunglasses.

Did you know that your eyes could get sunburned too? Just like our skin, our eyes need protection from the sun. If you don’t take the proper measures, after a long day of fun in the sun, you might experience itchy, burning eyes.  People report feeling like they have something in their eye, and more severe cases can cause retina and cornea damage. To help prevent this, wear sunglasses with good protection that blocks 99-100% of UV rays. If you are considering buying a pair of sunglasses but are reluctant to carry around a second pair, try photochromic lenses. These lenses adjust to the light as you go outdoors to become sunglasses and are a convenient eye care tool.

If you take a trip to the pool or beach, in addition to sunscreen and sunglasses, swimming goggles are a recommended addition. Pools have chemicals in them that can cause irritation and possible allergic conjunctivitis. Although salt water is better on your eyes than a chemically treated pool, your eyes are still at risk when swimming in the ocean. Bacteria, man-made pollutants and even animal waste can cause eye infections.

Many eye care issues you encounter this summer can be prevented. So while planning your trip, take the above suggestions into consideration. For more eye care information, or Los Angeles eye care services, call us at 877-871-1684.


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