A lot of happy moments in our lives are celebrated with champagne or sparkling cider. Weddings, promotions, winning a big game and countless other reasons are a cause for a little bubbly, but knowing how to safely open a bottle can prevent an eye care emergency.

According to Eye Smart (geteyesmart.org), every year hundreds of eye injuries are caused by getting hit in the eye with a cork. The pressure inside a bottle of champagne can be anywhere from 50 – 90 pounds per square inch, which is similar to the pressure inside a bus tire. Although most people enjoy the excitement of seeing the cork fly off the bottle, they are not aware of how dangerous it is. Below are some tips on safely opening a bottle of champagne.

  • Do not open the bottle warm. A warm bottle is more likely to have the cork shoot off. Make sure the bottle is chilled to at least 45 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • While taking off the wire around the cork, place your hand on top of the bottle.
  • Use a towel as you grip the top and twist off the cork.
  • Point the bottle in a safe direction, away from yourself and any bystanders. A 45-degree angle is recommended.
  • Never shake the bottle, open the bottle with a corkscrew, or push the cork out with your thumbs.

Practicing these steps can be the difference between celebrating with your friends or visiting the emergency room. So be careful and aware of your surroundings when opening that celebratory bottle.

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