With Halloween just around the corner, many people may be considering decorative contact lenses to enhance their Halloween costumes; however, first-time users of contacts aren’t always aware of the risks, which is why doctors often see more patients with eye infections just after Halloween.

Contact lenses, colored or not, are medical devices regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and require a prescription from an eye care professional . Since the eyes are one of the most delicate parts of the body, an eye doctor must ensure proper fitting lenses. Poor fitting lenses can cause corneal scratches, corneal infections, pink eye, decreased vision and even permanent vision loss.

Whether contacts are corrective lenses or plano lenses, which have no corrective powers, it’s important to consider the following before wearing colored contacts this Halloween.

Get Fitted By an Eye Care Professional – An eye exam and prescription are required to fit all contacts. Don’t believe advertising that claims that “one size fits all” and that there’s “no need to see a specialist”. Contacts should fit your eyes.

Purchase Lenses from a Licensed Contact Lens Retailer – Only purchase lenses from a retailer that requires a prescription and sells FDA-approved products. Don’t buy colored contacts from flea markets, street vendors, novelty stores or beauty salons.

Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions on Lens Care – Follow directions on cleaning, disinfecting and wearing contact lenses. Neglecting to properly clean your lenses, and not washing your hands before handling lenses, will dramatically increase the risk of eye infection.

Don’t Sleep in Your Contact Lenses – Contacts are not meant to be worn overnight. Forgetting to take them out before you go to sleep can result in severe irritation and even permanent eye damage.

Insert Contacts Before Applying Makeup – To prevent makeup from getting into your eyes, insert your contact lenses first.

Never Share Contact Lenses – Not only are contacts uniquely fitted to your eyes, sharing lenses can be the easiest way to contract an infection.

Know When to Remove Lenses – Remove the lenses if you feel pain or discomfort or if you notice swelling, discharge or redness.

An eye care doctor can help you find colored contacts that are safe for your eyes. Please call our Los Angeles eye doctors at 877-871-1684 for a consultation.


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