Halloween is right around the corner. It’s a day for people to express themselves and get creative with their costumes. A new hit for the past few years has been colored or special effect contact lenses. They can really add that extra magic to your tiger costume or make you look very monstrous. But the truth is, as fun as these contacts may be; they can cause problems with your eyes and lead to future eye care. Contact lenses are considered medical devices, and are shaped to your eyes. Whether they have a prescription or not, placing the wrong contacts on your eyes can lead to eye care issues like corneal ulcers. A lot goes into creating the perfect contact for you since our eyes are so delicate. Ophthalmologists evaluate the size and shape of the cornea, the health of the tear layer and the fitting relationship between the cornea. There are also recommended cleaning regimens that people who are just wearing contacts for fun are unaware of. So as big of a party pooper that this may sound, take this into consideration when choosing a costume this year. For more information on eye care or if you have any questions, please call the East West Eye Institute at 877-871-1684 or check https://www.eastwesteye.com

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