Spring is here! Unfortunately, so are those dreaded springtime allergies. Although the trees are blooming beautifully, springtime pollen is the main culprit to your eye allergies and eye care needs.

Every year, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America releases a list of “The Most Challenging Places to Live with Spring Allergies.” It shows a list of the top 100 worst places to live during springtime for those that suffer from allergies. Last year, Los Angeles was 77th on the list, but this year it jumped to 38. For all the Angelenos that experience springtime allergies, here are a few ways to survive the weather.

If you’re starting to feel the itchy, red, watery, and sometimes swollen eyelids, chances are you’re eye allergies are kicking in. The best treatment is to avoid what is causing your allergies. If you go outside, wear sunglasses to block the pollen from getting in your eyes. Try running errands later in the day, or when it’s not as windy. Also, buy a pair of eye drops and wash out your eyes more frequently.

Springtime allergies can be a pest for people who wear contact lenses. Not only can they get stuck on your contacts, they also cause excessive tear production. Some of the natural substances in tears bind your contacts causing blur and more discomfort. Before using any eye drops, asks your doctor what they recommend. Some drops are better, or more specific to people who wear contact lenses.

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