Visit any of our offices and you will find highly specialized Optometrists to help correct your vision. We are expertly trained to fit specialty contact lenses on wearers with a range of eye conditions; from Hyperopia (farsightedness) to severe Dry Eyes to Astigmatism to Keratoconus.  Imagine freedom from glasses for reading, using the computer, driving, and exercise.

Very few offices have the knowledge, expertise, and capabilities we have to fit patients with the latest in contact lens technology such as Scleral Lens, Multi-focal lens (allows for near, intermediate, and far vision correction all in one single contact lens) and other specialty contact lens. These state of the art contact lens offer better vision for all distances and superior comfort. Our practice specializes in helping those who never thought they could enjoy the comfort and freedom of wearing contact lens.

Our offices carry all the top brands of contact lens including all the hard-to-find and hard-to-fit specialty contact lens. We are expertly trained to customize Scleral Lens, Multi-focal lens, and other specialty contact lens to fit your lifestyle, needs, and unique eye conditions.


With vision insurance those frames you’ve been looking at may be more affordable than you think. The East West Eye Institute accepts popular vision insurances such as VSP, Eyemed and MES. Let our experienced staff find out your eye exam, glasses and contact lens benefits today.

After your visit with one of our doctors, stop by  The Optical Shop and allow one of our fashion-forward Opticians to work closely with you in choosing eyewear, ensuring your experience is as customized as your prescription. Our trained Opticians also provide extensive and hands-on training for new contact lens wearers. Our shops carry a large variety of frames to fit every budget!


Going on vacation and need those cute sunglasses in your prescription by the weekend? The East West Eye Institute has a full-service, on-site lab that can make lenses for most frames in just one day; some lenses can even be cut in just one hour (must have an appointment-please call for details).

Here are a few of the many services our Opticians can offer you:

  • Our lab technician has over 14 years of experience edging lenses and customizing your glasses to fit you. He uses a Santinelli edger with advanced technology
  • We offer custom nose pads for frames so you get a custom fit
  • We can adjust and repair frames- if you are unsure it is repairable, come in and let an experienced Optician inform you of your options!
  • Custom clips can be made within 7 – 10 business days for those who don’t want prescription sunglasses
  • Specialized state of the art digital progressives offered



Do you like the way you look without glasses?  Tired of your glasses falling off while playing sports?  Tired of fishing for a pair of reading glasses when reading text messages?  You may be a great candidate for contact lenses!





Contact lenses are a great option for patients who play sports, wish to avoid wearing glasses, and would like to change their eye color.  Contact lenses don’t get distortions and reflections, steam up in warm spaces or get dirty like a pair of glasses.  They are excellent options for those who engage in water sports, do not interfere with headgear for active sports, allowing one to lead an active lifestyle.




Monovision and multifocal contact lenses are excellent for patients who have difficulty with near tasks such as reading text messages, reading labels at the grocery store, or reading the newspaper.







Soft Contact Lenses (SCL):

contactsThis is our most popular type of contact lens.  A SCL is made of a relatively soft and flexible material which drapes over the entire surface of the cornea like a blanket.  Advantages of this type of lens include comfort, scheduled disposability, shorter adaptation time, and the ability to enhance or change eye color.  SCL can be used to correct astigmatism and presbyopia.



Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses (RGP):

These lenses are relatively smaller in size and are less flexible than a soft contact lens. A RGP lens offers high optical quality, superior ocular health, easy care regimen, and durability.  RGP lenses can be used to correct astigmatism and presbyopia.

In addition to standard contact lenses, we offer:

  • Correction for Presbyopia:

    As the eye ages, it slowly loses its ability to focus on objects held at arms length or closer. Patients who are becoming presbyopic may want to consider the use of contact lenses (SCL or RGP) instead of spectacles. There are several management strategies that can be used in the correction of presbyopia.
    Monovision: The most common type of correction for presbyopia which allows one eye focused for distance viewing and the other eye is focused for near viewing.  Monovision lenses are offered as SCL or RGP.
    Multifocal contact lenses: Recent advances in multifocal contact lens designs allow patients to perform distance tasks such as driving and near tasks such as reading text messages using both eyes.  Multifocal lenses are a great way to avoid relying on a pair of reading glasses to see your books, cell phone, tablets or computer screen. Multifocal lenses are offered as a SCL.

  • Keratoconus

    Keratoconus is a condition when the eye is irregular in shape, which may not be completely corrected by glasses or soft contact lenses.  A custom fit lens such as a Scleral Lens is a great way to optimize vision and health of the eye while providing comfort to the patient. Prior to the advent of Scleral Lens, most patients with keratoconus were stuck either getting a corneal transplant surgery or wearing large “Coke-bottle” glasses. With these new Scleral Lens, both vision and comfort are superior to those older, archaic options.

  • Specialty Contact Lenses

    contact-lensesEyes that are difficult to fit due to eye injury, disease or surgeries may not be completely corrected by glasses or contact lenses.  The most common complaint of patients would be lack of comfort and dryness with their contact lens. Thankfully with latest in specialty contact lens technology, the doctors at East West Eye Institute can fit you with the most advanced contact lens designs available in order to optimize vision, comfort and eye health.