Well it’s that time of year again; back to school. You’ve probably done the essential school shopping, bought your children some new clothes, and made sure they read all their summer reading books, but something you might have forgotten is the importance of a back to school eye exam which is not only essential to your child’s eye care, but also his or her learning experience.

A large percentage of what a child learns in school is acquired through vision. Often times the basic vision test conducted in school or at a pediatricians office only accounts for visual acuity, but there are many other vision disorders that only a comprehensive eye exam can detect.

Checking your child’s visual acuity is important, but it is only the first step. A visual acuity test helps to determine how clearly your child sees from a distance. Some children might have trouble seeing the chalkboard from the back of the classroom. In some cases they might not have any trouble at all, but struggle to see clearly when reading a book or sitting at the computer. This might seem like all you’d need to know, but what about how quickly and accurately the child is able focus on looking at objects at different distances? This is why a test for eye focusing is important.

If your child is in class taking notes, chances are they are reading what the teacher is writing on the chalkboard and then looking at their paper to write it down. If your child has difficulties focusing on objects at different distances quickly and accurately, this might impact their ability to take notes in class.

Testing eye tracking and eye teaming are also important. Eye tracking is the ability to keep your eyes on the target as they move. An in-class example of this would be reading the lines in a book. Eye teaming relates to this example by being able to use both eyes in coordination while following objects. If your child has difficulties with eye tracking and eye teaming, this can also have an adverse effect on their learning process.

Before your child starts school, schedule a comprehensive eye exam to determine whether they experience some of the above eye disorders. Discovering these issues early on can have a positive impact on their education and prevent future eye care issues. Call 877-871-1684 to schedule an appointment.


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