Allergies can have a big impact on eye care and how we perform our day-to-day operations.  With a runny nose, watery eyes, constantly sneezing, it’s almost like being sick. Sometimes the cause for our allergies is something as simple as the plants and grass we have in our gardens. Since pollen is the main culprit for many seasonal allergies, knowing the proper plants and gardening tips is essential to fighting allergies.

In order to win the allergy battle, the first thing you need to know is what type of pollen activates your allergies. During springtime, most of your pollen allergies come from trees, such as birch, horse chestnut, willow, cedar, alder and poplar. In the summer, pollen from grass is the main reason for your allergy symptoms. Grass allergy season starts in May but peaks in June and July, if you have a lawn, mowing it frequently and keeping it short is essential. While mowing the lawn, remember to wear protective eyewear and perhaps a mask to prevent you from exposure to the pollen, and other objects that might come up while cutting the grass. Another important tip is knowing the type of grass you have. Bermuda grass, blue grass, rye and other lush grasses are not allergy friendly.

Maintaining your garden is important because even weeds have pollen, and there are several types of weeds that make fighting allergy season more challenging. Ragweed, goosefoot, nettle, mugwort and sorrel, are all weeds that produce pollen-causing allergies. Pull those weeds out to prevent allergy attacks, and when doing so use a mask that covers your nose and mouth to prevent activating your allergies.

As stated above, knowing what sets off your allergies is key in your battle against them. Knowing this, it is a good idea to plant allergy friendly plants in your garden. Plants like azalea, begonia, orchid, periwinkle, bulbs, palm, and pine are all easy on the eyes and nose.  As pretty as they may be, avoid planting chrysanthemum, dahlia, sunflowers, lilac, juniper, which are all known to be tough to beat in the allergy battle.

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