For some, driving at night poses a greater challenge than driving during the day. Not only is it dark, but the bright lights can cause momentary blindness, or unwanted glares and halo effects making things harder to see. If you experience fear or anxiety around driving at night, below are 3 eye care related tips to help you get where you need to go safely.

1. Planning the trip before you leave is one of the best ways to reduce anxiety. It can prevent you from getting lost and ending up on dark, low lit, or unfamiliar streets. Sometimes it’s best to add extra driving time by leaving your house earlier than necessary. This can help to ensure a safe, well-paced trip. Leaving late, without a map or sense of where you’re heading can increase the chances of getting lost and driving in unwanted conditions.

2. It is also best to drive defensively. Leave a good amount of space between you and the car in front of you. If bright lights play a role in your night vision impairment, try staying in one lane, and give yourself plenty of time to switch lanes when necessary.

3. Keeping all your cars windows and mirrors clean will also help you to see your surrounding better. Dirty glass surfaces or mirrors make an already challenging driving environment a lot worse and impair good vision.

If you or someone you know has trouble seeing at night, pass these recommendations along to make a safer trip behind the wheel. If you have any further questions call us at 877-871-1684 for more information.




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